Simon Hickey

H/T to Anonykatz

The bizarre case of electrician Simon Hickey got some exposure in a Brisbane Times article today.

Seems Simon of Smerff Electrical ( see here, here and here) has had a brainfart that publicising his business as a sponsor of Daily Stormer (prominent American neo-nazi “news” site) would be a ripper little trick.

Aaah…no Simon…in fact lets play Simon says …Simon is a broflake, white supremacist asshat……say it Simon!

Please feel free to send Smerff Electrical your best wishes at 8 Fair Street Wishart Brisbane or 0422 764 363 or 0401 195 536 or or or if you are wandering around Sunnybank and notice a foul stench then be sure to say HI!

Predictably 4chan loves him

Simon fancies himself a bit of a writer, penning for high quality pubs like the Adelaide Institute Newsletter.

and here he tell us all about his Nazi sympathies in detail;

and we’ll leave you with this one from his business page FFS


Threat level

Dayjob:       Electrician at Smerff Electrical

Location:       Sunnybank

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