Chris Johnson

Small balls and yet smaller brains

This one comes from down in Melbourne in the outer suburb of Eltham. You might have seen there were some nasty goings on over the non story of Syrian refugee families being moved into temporary care in disused accommodation.

Some locals, who turned out for the most part not to be concerned innocents, but rather pre-existing patriot group members, called in the mutant clans; the SOO, TBC and PFF. All converged first outside a local federal members office in the suburb of Heidelberg and then a month later on Eltham itself. The “Battle of Eltham” rally was anything but in the end, with a few scared and confused locals wondering what the hell they’d got themselves into ,surrounded by 4 dozen knuckle dragging, arse baring, puppet molesting right wing loons. They were outnumbered 5 to 1 by an earlier rally of locals, complete with butterflies, in support of the refugee accommodation.

It was a no contest in the end, the protesters came off on the telly looking like extras for a zombie movie set and the counter protesters like the genuine concerned citizens they actually were. Only the mad Nick Folkes was fool enough to try and claim victory, but then Nick does that.

It was only by chance we came across this story out of Eltham. It concerns one Chris Johnson (also goes by Chris Johnstone). Chris was one of the first locals to try and stir up some xenophobic hysteria. Along with one Mollie Anderson he set up a little Facebook group of like minded arsecabbages.

Seems Chris isn’t actually about concern for his community and and fellow humans after all…are you shocked readers?

He outed himself as just another misogynist bigot obsessed with his own genitals and dominating any dissenting female voices. A local artist had been and still is part of a welcoming organisation for refugees in Eltham and has been a vocal advocate of the same. She uses Facebook to sell her crafts, as many do, generally though most don’t expect to find images of a scrotum draped in an item of their own handiwork posted to their Facebook wall.

The account doing the posting, and therefore presumably the testicles, belonged to our Chris Johnson. You can intuit that the item was small otherwise Chris’s unimpressive, saggy old nads would have been completely obscured. If you saw the pics you might think Chris a worm, but we can assure you he isn’t even a grub. You’ve got some serious mummy issues if you think that pictures of your tiny dick and shrivelled little balls will silence a strong woman on a caring mission. We can tell you she’s still laughing now, so unless Chris old boy, that was what you were aiming for you done fucked up. Eltham jacks had a good laugh too by accounts.

If you’ve an mind to, you can tell Chris what you think of his pathetic sexual assaults right here

or here

Here at Southern Crosstika we abhor violence of any kind but violence against women has a special place in our cold little hearts, so Chris you’ve just become a person of interest for us, that’s not a good thing to be. We’ll be watching.

If anyone has anything more they’d like to share about this human jock stain hit us up on the contact section, send us a Facy message or flick us an email.

Sexual Pervert
Threat level

Dayjob:       Exhibitionists Against Refugees

Location:       Montmorency

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