Daniel Commollatti

Another random front the Sydney Alt-Right Nazi boy set, Danny boy can be read throwing his weighty opinions around on a number of right wing pages. He has the occasional foray into the real world for a bit of trolling which is how we came to be on his trail.

Here he carefully explains to us that the figure of 6 million dead in the holocaust is nonsense but 86 million killed in the Soviet Union is rock solid. Never mind the moral gymnastics required to argue that Nazi holocaust crimes don’t count because Stalin’s goons killed more (but only the Jewish ones apparently). What the actual?

And then this on climate change, we forwarded it to David Suzuki just in case he wan’t aware of the upcoming area of Nazi climate science.

Here’s his Facebook – note the addy – we doubt Danny is being above board with us on his name, we’re shocked and appalled.


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Location:       Sydney

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