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Give Matthew Grant a peachy welcome. This curious little fellow is a bit popular lately, it was only during the compiling of FF12 that we found our esteemed comrades over at Anti Fascist Info Sydney had just completed their own piece on young Matthew. We’ll try not to step on the same material.

Mattie has been conducting a trolling tour of the the sites of the left on Facy, in the infantile hope that this will swell the ranks of his league of ..of…whatever they are…more on that later.

Here’s the type of nonsense he’s been shovelling around hoping to get some attention. We’d recommend Mattie you head to the Black Rose, worked so well for Walph, but alas it’s gone. Maybe you can head down Parramatta Rd and stand outside Jura books instead, film it with your phone and dare people to come outside and fight you?

Not so much your style Mattie? Dan didn’t like it much either. So what do you do when you when you’re a bit of an effete Sydney private school boy with a raging Nazi heart? Start a boys club!

You can call it something catchy like Hitler Youth! We’re pretty sure uncle Jim Saleam, Mattie’s chief handler and enabler, might have outlined the pitfalls of publicly going full Nazi and suggested the more modest Eureka Youth League – sound the trumpets. It’s just like Dr Jim’s big boy page only smaller, so if you want to taste the vibe of 20 something, socially backward, male, Neo Nazis (Think Romper Stomper meets the IT Crowd) then get on over and sign up for their newsletter. You can have a little looky here, you’re confidentiality is guaranteed! Yeah …nah, you might end up on here!

Once we started to dig around in Mattie’s soggy little world we suddenly realised we’d seen him before. You might recall a young buck in grandpa’s brown suit, who, at a UPF rally in Bendigo, gave an unintelligible speech about…er…unintelligible things, but delivered it with enthusiastic zeal. So Mattie and the Urethra Youth Tube, what are they about? The standard Nazi gear really, Aryan purity, the degeneracy of dark skinned “races” and Jews, anti immigration, extreme authoritarianism and nationalism, death to the left and My Little Pony (we made that up, they really love the left). We almost forgot patriarchy and misogyny, just like a Lib cabinet meeting.

So how exactly do you go from tubby boy raised on the South Coast by well off mummy and daddy to Sydney private school rower to become protege of a guy who is to politics what Kryal Castle is to history and on to starting a boy’s own Nazi club out of Canberra? We’ll let you ponder that one.

We do know though, Mattie is very proud of his business empire. So much so he bangs on about it to anyone who’ll listen, our beleaguered team had to read through more comparisons of Matt’s nascent business acumen to that of Trump et al than anyone ever should. So what is this incredible exciting venture? Tech start up? Retail outlet? Ingenious new service?…nope

Da da daa daaaa! A one man security “company” with an horrendously Nazi sounding motto of courage/decency/honour. This is what a man who owns a torch, a mobile and a car can do! Today a registered office address out of a house in Florey…tomorrow ze vorld!

You can go and check Matt’s extensive list of services at and if there’s anything more you need to know feel free to drop him an email at or if he’s a bit slow answering you could use his private email at Alternatively feel free to give him a call on 0421 178 985

If short sighted, overweight, prematurely balding 20 something virgins with religio-fascistic fantasies of black genocide and white world domination float your boat, and let’s face if they do your likely to be ‘the one’, then you can hook up with Matt’s actual personal Facebook profile here

Otherwise I’m sure you can strike a conversation with either of his trolling accounts or here



Chief fantasist for the Eureka Youth League
Threat level

Dayjob:       Security guard

Location:       Canberra

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