Mitch Blandford

This is back catalogue entry and it comes from a post on Walph Germinara’s LWBE3 page. He’s picked up an image of kids doing yoga during school time and tried to turn it into fake news in which christian students were being forced to pray to Allah. Because that happens here in Australia – or you might believe so if you a. are on your 4th crack pipe of the day or b. like Walph you have the IQ of a yoga mat.





Mitch, clearly not the sharpest pencil either, fired up by Walph’s fake news, headed over to the page from which the story had originated and let go with this;

You can find him here –¬† and presumably his trolling profile here –¬†

Online creep
Threat level

Dayjob:       who cares

Location:       Colyton

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