Ryan Fletcher

You might remember Ryan from such hits as;

I came to the showgrounds and all I got was stitches
I hit myself in the head with my own flagpole
Mum why are those people all dressed in black?
Hangin’ out with Folksey is jolly fun!
Is Detol Halal? 
Dude who stole my flag?

We might not have had quite so much fun with you Ry Ry but this post really pissed us off. Your answer is a lot less fun than burying you in shit.These days Ryan, who likes to think of himself as cartoonist (rather than a cartoon as we think of him) for a dubious far right wing blog called XYZ. The blog is owned by a strange man called David Hiscox.


Apart from that he hangs on the coattails of the Party For Freedom and writes opinions on the webz which all fall into a narrow clinical category – batshit crazy. He ticks the same laundry list of stupid as his compatriots here on FF12 – refugees are responsible for all bad things including climate change (if it were actually happening), brown people are bad, black people are worse, how about those Jews and Islam is responsible for all the other shit like that I’m working in the only job I could get on minimum wages and I have no prospects.

Go and get a life Ryan, you’re boring us.


Threat level

Dayjob:       Personal Care Assistant

Location:       Koonoomoo

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