Troy Bloodstone

Say a big hi to Troy Bloodstone. We’re unconvinced this is his real surname and apparently so is he since he also goes by Troy Targaryen, Troy Tararyan and Troy Goldstone (see the bottom of the page for FB links). He intersects in circles with Matthew Grant also in (FF12)  and can be found among the same Neo Nazi types spouting the same drivel. He’s been using a couple of his profiles recently to comment on left team Facebook pages and generally stir up some minor irritation

It’s instructive that Troy is well immersed in Neo Nazi relationships across Facebook and parrots the language and ideas and yet the UPF still to this day denies it’s NN/NatAlt roots. Funny how this name pops up liking Troys openly Nazi posts again and again. And of course then there is the infamous protest stunt outside the offices of ABC Broadcasting in Melbourne in June 2015. We can’t even remember what it is that they were all tizzied up about and like everyone else we don’t actually care. Useful photo opportunities though and here’s Troy trying to appear fierce and not look five foot three with little success.

Here’s a little taste of what you can expect from any of the Troy’s you encounter online. This is in response to a post from Matt Grant extolling the virtues of slavery (I know right);

A charming individual I’m sure you’ll agree and a poster boy for the this cross over migration from Neo Nazi to Patriot to Alt Right all while remaining the same little man child desperate for validation and acceptance.

The many Troys

Goldstone –


Targaryan –

Bloodstone –

Alt Reich Windbag
Threat level

Dayjob:       Unknown

Location:       Eden Park

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